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Top Considerations When Buying a Recliner Lift Chair

Comfort is paramount when you have an elderly family member or one with joint problems. Unfortunately, they cannot get such comfort from ordinary sofas; hence, power lift recliner chairs are excellent additions to such families. As their name implies, power lift recliner chairs perform two functions: reclining and lifting. The lifting mechanism helps users sit and stand with ease, eliminating strain on their joints. That said, your choice of a recliner lift chair determines how much comfort you derive from it. Therefore, you must consider specific aspects when purchasing a recliner lift chair.

User's Height 

It is perhaps one of the most ignored aspects when buying a recliner lift chair. Many people believe that power lift recliners are universal regarding height, but it is not the case. Height plays a critical role in determining how much comfort you derive when sitting, sleeping, or standing on a recliner chair. For instance, if you are taller than a manufacturer's recommended height, your feet will hang past the footrest when you sleep; hence, straining the ankles. Similarly, standing from the recliner life chair will be awkward because your feet will hit the floor before the chair fully tilts. In this regard, inquire about a recliner lift chair's recommended height before buying one for guaranteed comfort.

Independent Operations 

Another area you should pay close attention to when buying a recliner lift chair is the independence of the various features. For example, does the backrest and footrest work independently or as a unit? Likewise, is the tilt function independent of the footrest? The answers to such questions determine the comfort level you derive from a lift chair. Ideally, recliner lift chairs whose parts work as a unit are less flexible as far as comfort goes. For instance, you might want to recline your seat without extending the footrest, but it would be impossible if both operate as a unit. Thus, it is advisable to buy a lift chair that allows you to operate the different features independently to maximise comfort.

Centralised Control 

Many high-end power recliners chairs also have massage and heating capabilities for enhanced comfort. In some models, the remote controls for massage, heating, and recliner/lift operations are different. While there is nothing wrong with the design, switching between remote controls can be tiresome. Furthermore, the likelihood of misplacing one remote control is high if you constantly use two. Power lift recliners with a centralised control unit are easier to use since you can do everything from one remote control. Most importantly, it eliminates the need to turn or lean whenever you want to operate different functions of a lift chair.