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Five optional extras you can get with an electric recliner chair

An electric recliner chair can offer greater comfort and independence to those with mobility problems, or for people who are just finding their joints are becoming a little stiff. It allows you to recline, put your feet up and gently move yourself into a standing position without any extra effort from yourself. But if you are thinking of getting such a chair, you may be interested to know that there are a number of extras that could be fitted to it.

Heat pad

As the chair is powered by electricity, it can also be fitted with a seat warmer to make the chair more comfortable in winter, and to help keep you warm if you suffer from poor circulation. It also helps to relax the muscles and ensure that your electric reclining chair is as restful as possible.

Massage system

The chair can also be fitted with a massage function, which will improve your blood circulation and help you to relax. It is especially useful if you have problems with your muscles or your spine, and will mean that a back massage is available at the touch of a button.

USB port

Although an electric recliner chair is ideal for watching television, you may want to plug in a phone or other digital device for music or other entertainment. Modern electric recliners can come with a built-in USB port to ensure that your devices are on hand without your having to get up and find a suitable place to plug them in.

Reading lamp

The electric recliner chair can also be used to power a reading lamp, which will rise over your shoulder to illuminate a book or newspaper, allowing you to read in comfort in good light.

Swivel feature

Although electric recliner chairs are usually designed to stay in a particular position to allow you watch television, for example, some of them come with the ability to swivel so that you can face in any direction you please — so you can move your attention from the television to your family, for example, or see what's going on outside without having to get out of the chair or get anyone else to move it.

Electric recliner chairs not only offer the convenience of positioning yourself how you want at the touch of a button, they can also have a variety of built-in extras. Just talk to your supplier about your needs.